How to Ensure You Are Receiving Genuine Kamagra: A Guide to Avoiding Fake Copies

How do you know you are receiving genuine Kamagra when there is no regulation in place?


These days it is very easy to buy kamagra online from many online stores with so many places to choose what will make you decide when you’re ready to make that purchase? The price of the product? Delivery time or maybe you just like how their website looks. the simple fact of the matter is How do we know we are receiving  pure 100% genuine Kamagra produced and manufactured from Ajanta Pharma based in India  when there is no real regulation in place it’s not like we can buy these in are local supermarket or from a pharmacy.


I decided to find out, I Ordered from 10 different online stores that sell Kamagra 100mg tablets and the results where surprising 7 out of 10 online stores sell and supply you with a cheap copied version made in china and cost pennies to make, the shocking fact is that these are made cheaply and by the millions and have no real quality control in place, my main concern is that these have not gone through a stricken FDA procedure where they are tested fit for human consumption.


You may be asking yourself now is this something to worry about and how can I tell the difference between the genuine Kamagra and the cheap copies?


Firstly yes you should be worried about this I will give you an example why, we all know we can buy cigarettes on the cheap so we can save our self a few pounds but lately we have come to learn that these have been made and produced in china under poor conditions and have no regulation in place and they very harmful to our health 1 smoke on a fake cigarette is like smoking 10 cigarettes if you didn’t already know this and you buy cheap fags I bet you won’t now. The same applies to Kamagra if they are made cheaply with no regulations in place how do we know what has gone into these tablets and what measures are there to protect us, simply none they might work for us but are they affecting are health now and in the long run.


Secondly how can you tell what is genuine and what is copied? Well this is simple as shown below.


       COPIED VERSION                                    GENUINE VERSION


          TAKE A LOOK CLOSELY YOU WILL                                  NOW WITH THE GENUINE  VERSION

           SEE TINY LITTLE DOTS ON THE                                          YOU CAN SEE THE PACKAGING

           PACKAGING THIS IS NOT HOW                                         HAS A CROSSED HATCH DESIGN

            AJANTA PHARMA MAKE THEM                                THESE ARE HOW AJANTA PHARMA MAKE THEM



I hope this has given you some worthwhile information as it has done for me. If you are still in any doubt and would like to question the products you have received I would contact the website store you bought them from and ask them for a certificate of authentication that the tablets supplied have gone through FDA Regulation all reputable online pharmacies should be able to provide this if not then you should ask yourself why!



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